Director: Jack King
Release Date:
December 18, 1942
Stars: Donald Duck, Pete
Rating: ★★★★½

Bellboy Donald © Walt DisneyDonald is a bellboy at a chic hotel. He’s hindered in doing his job by Pete’s mischievous son (yes, Pete has got a son in this cartoon).

Pete manages to stay calm, but not Donald. In the end, Donald is fired, but he gets his chance to spank the wicked brat.

‘Bellboy Donald’, penned by Duckmen Carl Barks and Jack Hannah, is one of the better Donald Duck cartoon of the early forties. You won’t find any better interplay between Donald and Pete, with the exception maybe of ‘Trombone Trouble’ (1944).

Moreover, the cartoon contains some remarkably flexible animation of  a type rarely seen in a Disney cartoon.

Watch ‘Bellboy Donald’ yourself and tell me what you think:

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