Director: Charles Nichols
Release Date:
 November 4, 1949
 Pluto, Bent-Tail & Bent-Tail junior

Sheep Dog © Walt DisneyIn this follow-up to ‘The Legend of Coyote Rock’ (1945), Pluto is a sheep dog bothered by two coyotes, Bent-Tail and his not too clever son (in his debut), who want to steal his sheep.

In the end Bent-tail finally succeeds in stealing one, but it turns out to be his own son in disguise.

Like ‘Pluto’s Sweater‘ of the same year, ‘Sheep Dog’ plays more on gags than on cuteness, which results in one of Pluto’s best cartoons. Especially the interplay between Bent-Tail and his son is a delight to watch. Indeed, the duo was successful enough to return the following year in the equally entertaining ‘Pests of the West‘ and ‘Camp Dog’.

Watch ‘Sheep Dog’ yourself and tell me what you think:

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