Mickey's Movies cover artReader Geert on Goodreads about my book Mickey’s Movies: The Theatrical Films of Mickey Mouse:

“Who knew old Mickey Mouse cartoons could be such delight to watch? Animation historian Gijs Grob guides us through the wonderful world of every single Mickey Mouse film ever made.

His reviews are detailed and fun to read, with a clear focus on the history of Mickey and the Disney Studios. Note: it’s more of a reference book than it is non-fiction work you’d read from start to end. And there’s no pictures (a copyright issue, I’d imagine).

I recommend this book to everyone, not just animation geeks.”

Thank you, Geert!

You can buy the book on Amazon. There is both a paperback and a Kindle edition. I hope you’ll enjoy it! And if you’ve already grabbed a copy: 1) thanks! and 2) I’d love it if you could review the book on Amazon.