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Mickey's Birthday Party (ending) © Walt DisneyHooray! Today it’s the day! Mickey turns ninety years young, and still counting!

Today it was ninety years ago Mickey was presented to the general audience in the Colony Theatre on Broadway, in the groundbreaking sound cartoon ‘Steamboat Willie‘. This short made Mickey a sensation almost over night, and during the 1930s Mickey was the biggest cartoon star of them all. Today, Mickey’s movie days are mostly over, but otherwise he’s clearly still alive and kicking.

So, take out your Mickey Mouse socks, your Mickey Mouse T-shirt, your Mickey Mouse ears, and spend this festive day watching some of Mickey’s best cartoons, like ‘Plane Crazy‘ (1928), ‘Barnyard Olympics‘ (1932), ‘The Mad Doctor‘ (1933) or ‘Mickey’s Fire Brigade‘ (1935), and learn more about them in my book ‘Mickey’s Movies – The Theatrical Films of Mickey Mouse‘.

For a complete list of Mickey Mouse shorts see here.


The Birthday Party © Walt DisneyIn two weeks Mickey Mouse will be ninety years young!

On November 18, it will be ninety years ago Mickey made his public debut in ‘Steamboat Willie‘, creating an enormous success and changing the course of animation forever. Today Mickey is as alive as ever, even if his heydays (ca. 1928-1935) lay way behind him. In those days Mickey without doubt was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, and most of his films stem from this era. What would be better than spend some time watching a few of Mickey’s best films? Why not take a look at for example ‘Traffic Troubles‘, ‘Touchdown Mickey‘, ‘The Klondike Kid‘, ‘Mickey’s Gala Premier‘ or ‘The Band Concert‘. For a complete list of Mickey Mouse shorts see here.

Later Mickey settled done more, and on the silver screen he was eventually eclipsed by the likes of Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny and Tom & Jerry. Mickey retired from cinema in 1953, but today he’s still all over the place, e.g. in comic strips, on television, in merchandise, and as a host in Disney parks.

Read all about Mickey’s exciting cinematic career in my book ‘Mickey’s Movies – The Theatrical Films of Mickey Mouse‘.

Mickey's Movies cover artI’ve got some big news: I’ve published my first book!

I interrupt my  steady flow of animation film reviews to announce that Theme Park Press has just released my book ‘Mickey’s Movies – The Theatrical Films of Mickey Mouse‘. This is the first book I’ve ever written, and I am very proud to see it available on Amazon!*

Theme Park Press is an American publishing company specialized in Disney-themed books, and I’ve got several of their publications in my own collection. e.g. by renowned animation historians like Jim Korkis and Ross Care. I feel therefore very flattered that they’ve asked me to write a book for them!

In this book I discuss every theatrical film Mickey has made, more or less in the same line as in this blog, but often in more detail, and in strict chronological order. Moreover, I describe Mickey’s rise and fall, and how he changed through the years. And of course, the birth and evolution of Pluto, Goofy and Donald are discussed, too, as long as they take place inside Mickey’s movie career. Because I’m looking beyond the regular trio of Steamboat Willie, The Band Concert and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, I’ll show that much of Disney’s innovations can be followed inside Mickey’s films, and that Mickey’s film career has its own unique story to tell.

You can buy the book on amazon. There is both a paperback and a Kindle edition. I hope you’ll enjoy it! And if you’ve already grabbed a copy: 1) thanks! and 2) I’d love it if you could review the book on Amazon.


* I still have to wait for my own hard copies, so I haven’t seen it in print myself, yet 🙂



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