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Director: Hawley Pratt
Release Date: April 26, 1967
Stars: The Pink Panther, The Little Guy
Rating: ★★★★

Pink Posies © DePatie-Freleng‘Pink Posies’ could be summarized as ‘The Pink Phink‘ set in a garden: this time the little guy is a gardener planting yellow flowers, while the Pink Panther replaces them for pink ones.

Most of the gags are variations on those in ‘The Pink Phink’, which make this cartoon a very enjoyable one, even though it’s not very original. The designs of this cartoon are also attractive, the very stylized trees in the background in particular.

Watch ‘Pink Posies’ yourself and tell me what you think:


‘Pink Posies’ is available on the DVD Box set ‘The Pink Panther Cartoon Collection’

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