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Director: Charles Nichols
Release Date:
 January 14, 1949
 Mickey Mouse, Pluto

Pueblo Pluto © Walt DisneyIn Pueblo Pluto” Mickey’s a tourist visiting a Pueblo village with Pluto.

Here, Pluto meets the small dog with the droopy eyes from ‘The Purloined Pup’ (1946), who tries to steal Pluto’s buffalo bone. When Pluto finally has his bone secured, he discovers he’s trapped inside a circle of cacti. Of course, it’s the little dog who saves him in this all too typical story.

Like the other Pluto-befriends-a-little-animal-cartoons, this short is as cute as it is dull. Its most interesting feature are the rather stylized backgrounds by Brice Mack, who has used a particularly large amount of pink.

Watch ‘Pueblo Pluto’ yourself and tell me what you think:

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