Director: Charles Nichols
Release Date: 
February 2, 1947
 Pluto, Butch, The Little Turtle

Pluto's Housewarming © Walt DisneyIn ‘Pluto’s Housewarming’ Pluto’s got a new and very fancy home at the beach, but even before he moves in, it’s occupied by the little turtle from ‘Canine Patrol‘ (1945).

Pluto manages to dispose of the little fellow, but then bulldog Butch squats his house. Butch chases Pluto away, but he himself is chased away by the little turtle. In return, Pluto allows the little fellow to live in his mansion, too.

‘Pluto’s Housewarming’ is one of those numerous Pluto cartoons from the forties in which Pluto befriends a little animal, which he doesn’t like at first. The addition of Butch, however, brings in a new dimension. Nevertheless, this is cartoon is still rather cute than funny.

The little turtle would reappear in the equally cute and unfunny ‘Pluto’s Surprise Package‘ from 1949.

Watch ‘Pluto’s Housewarming’ yourself and tell me what you think:

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