Director: Chuck Jones
Release Date:
 February 26, 1949
 Bugs Bunny

Mississippi Hare © Warner BrothersIn ‘Mississippi Hare’ Bugs Bunny accidentally ends up at a Mississippi steamer, where he encounters colonel Shuffle, a small moustached Southerner who resembles Friz Freleng’s Yosemite Sam a lot.

Like Yosemite Sam, the colonel keeps taking the plunge, in an excellent series of gags. Bugs Bunny is particularly suave in this cartoon, and so are the backgrounds. But the highlight of the cartoon may be the superb and intoxicating animation of Bugs Bunny dancing with a straw hat.

The colonel would return to the screen the next year in the Charlie Dog cartoon ‘Dog Gone South’.

Watch ‘Mississippi Hare’ yourself and tell me what you think:

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