Director: Juan Pablo Zaramella
Release date:
June 6, 2011

‘Luminaris’ is a charming and original pixilation film by the JPZtudio from Argentina. The short tells about a man working at a factory that produces light bulbs in a very original way. But the man has plans of his own.

The film evokes a very original, surreal world with gusto. Its sets, costumes and overall design all help to create this parallel world, but special mention must go to the film makers’ superb use of sunlight. They let their personas move with the sun, which looks absolutely convincing on the screen, but must have been a labor of outrageous patience in reality.

The result is a modest but magical little short that connects without any dialogue, greatly helped by the attractive music by Osmar Maderna.

Watch ‘Luminaris’ yourself and tell me what you think:

‘Luminaris’ is available on The Animation Show of Shows DVD Box Set 8