Director: Julian Antonisz
Release date:

Told by a little girl ‘How Learning Came Back Out of the Woods’ is an educational film for children on how books are made.

Julian Antonisz’s animation style, however, is highly avant-garde. The animator uses a light table to illuminate his drawings and a multitude of household objects from below. Antonisz’s style is very rough and graphic. There’s motion, but the cut-out animation itself is limited. Human movement, for example, is only suggested by using two key frames, rather than animated fully. Nevertheless, this children’s film is a good example of the sheer creativity of the Polish animation industry of the seventies.

Watch ‘How Learning Came Back Out of the Woods’ yourself and tell me what you think:

‘How Learning Came Back Out of the Woods’ is available on the DVD-set ‘Anthology of Polish Children’s Animation’