Mabō as Tokichiro Kinoshita
The Mad Doctor
The Mad Dog
Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted
Madame Whitesnake
Magic Canvas
The Magic Hat
The Magic Hoop
The Magic Mummy
The Magic Windmill
The Magical Flute
The Magnetic Telescope
Mail Dog
Mail Early for Christmas
The Mail Pilot
La maison en petits cubes
Les maîtres du temps
Making ‘Em Move
Mama’s New Hat
Man and the Moon
Man in Space
Many Tanks
Marching Along
The Marital Shoes
Married Alive
Marty the Monk
The Mascot
The Mask
Mass in A minor
Matinee Mouse

Maw and Paw
Me Feelins Is Hurt
The Mechanical Cow
Mechanical Man
The Mechanical Monsters
Meet John Doughboy
Melody Time
O menino e o mundo
Meow or Never
Mercano el Marciano
Mere Maids
Le Merlemen
The Merry Circus
The Merry Dwarfs
The Merry Old Soul
Les métamorphoses comiques
Mexicali Shmoes
Mexican Lilly
Mice Follies
Mickey and the Seal
Mickey Cuts Up
Mickey Down Under
Mickey in Arabia
Mickey Plays Papa
Mickey Steps Out
Mickey’s Amateurs
Mickey’s Choo-Choo
Mickey’s Christmas Carol
Mickey’s Circus
Mickey’s Delayed Date
Mickey’s Elephant
Mickey’s Fire Brigade
Mickey’s Follies
Mickey’s Gala Premier
Mickey’s Garden
Mickey’s Good Deed
Mickey’s Kangaroo
Mickey’s Man Friday
Mickey’s Mechanical Man
Mickey’s Mellerdrammer
Mickey’s Nightmare
Mickey’s Orphans
Mickey’s Pal Pluto
Mickey’s Revue
Midnight in a Toy Shop
The Midnight Snack
The Mighty Navy
The Mighty River
The Milkman
The Milky Way
Minding the Baby
Minnie the Moocher
Minotaur & Little Nerkin
Misa u A-Molu
Misguided Missile
Miss Hokusai
Mississippi Hare
Le mobilier fidèle
Modern Inventions
Le moine et le poisson
The Mole at Sea
Mom – The Worst Punishment
Momotaro’s Sky Adventure
Momotaro’s Underwater Adventure
Un monde hostile
Der Mondmann
The Monk and the Fish
Monkey Melodies
Monkeys Fish the Moon
Monsieur Clown chez les lilleputiens
Monsieur de Crac
The Monster from the Tarpits
Monsters, Inc.
Mony a Pickle
Moon Man
The Moose Hunt
More Kittens
Morir de amor
Morning Noon and Night

Morris, the Midget Moose
Mother Goose Land
Mother Goose Melodies
Mother Goose on the Loose
Mother Pluto

Mother’s Little Helper
Motor Mania
Mouse Cleaning
The Mouse from H.U.N.G.E.R.
Mouse in Manhattan
A Mouse in the House
Mouse into Space
Mouse Wreckers
Mouse-Taken Identity
Moving Day
Možnosti dialogu
(A Long Day for) Mr. Calpaccio
Mr. Bug Goes to Town
Mr. Clown at the Lilleputians
Mr. Duck Steps Out
Mr Jessop
Mr. Wolf
Much Ado About Mousing
The Mummy Strikes
MuramasaMusic Land
The Music Lesson
The Musical Car
Musical Farmer
Musical Moments from Chopin
Musical Mountaineers
La musicomanie
Das musikalische Auto
Mutiny Ain’t Nice
Mutts About Racing
Mužné hry
My Baby Just Cares For Me
My Brother Superman
My Bunny Lies over the Sea
My Exercise
My Fat Arse and I
My Favorite Duck
My Favorite War
My Friend the Monkey
My Galactic Twin Galaction
My Happy End
My Neighbor Totoro
My Pop, My Pop
Myszka i kotek
The Mysterious Fine Arts
Mysterious Mose
The Mystery of the Third Planet