The Saga of Windwagon Smith
Sailing and Village Band
The Saint Inspector
Sally Swing
Salmon Yeggs
Salt Water Tabby
Saludos Amigos
Sandburg’s Arithmetic
Sanjay’s Super Team
Sankichi the Monkey: The Air Combat
Santa’s Workshop
Satan’s Waiting
Saturday Evening Puss
The Saurians
Les Sauriens
The Scared Crows
Scaredy Cat
The Scarlet Pumpernickel
Der scheintote Chinese
De scheppende mens
The School
School Days
Scrambled Eggs
The Screwdriver
Scrub Me Mama with a Boogie Beat
Sea Salts
Sea Scouts
Seal Skinners
Seasin’s Greetinks!
The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb
The Secret of NIMH
The Secret of the Third Planet
Seers and Clowns
Self Control
Señor Droopy
Señorella and the Glass Huarache
Serenata nocturna
Shapes.Colours.People. And Floating Down
Shaun the Sheep Movie
She Done Him Right
She was an Acrobat’s Daughter
She Wronged Him Right
Sheep Dog
Sheep Wrecked
The Shindig
Shipwrecked in Space
The Shooting of Dan McGoo
Short and Suite
Shuffle off to Buffalo
Shutter Bugged Cat
Silly Scandals
Silly Superstition
Silvery Moon
The Simple Things
Les singes qui veulent attraper la lune
Sink Pink
Sinkin’ in the Bathtub
The Sinking of the “Lusitania”
The Skeleton Dance
Sky Princess
Sky Scrappers
Sky Trooper
The Sleep Walker
Sleeping Beauty
Sleepy Time Down South
Sleepy Time Tom
Slick Hare
Slicked-up Pup
Slide, Donald, Slide
Sling Shot
Small Fry
Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!
Sniffles and the Bookworm
Sniffles Bells the Cat
Sniffles Takes a Trip
The Snipe and the Clam
Snipe-Clam Grapple
The Snorkasaurus Hunter
Snowbody Loves Me
Snubbed by a Snob
So Does an Automobile
So Let’s Be Sporty
Social Lion
Soda Squirt
Soft Porcelains
Something to Remember
Somewhere in Dreamland
The Song of the Prairie
Le songe du garçon de café
Songs of the Year of Fire
Ein sonniger Tag
Sorry Safari
The Sound of Music
The Soup Song
The Sour Puss
Southern Fried Rabbit
Soyons donc sportifs
Spanish Moonlight
A Spanish Twist
Spatne namalovana slepice
The Spider and the Fly
Spiel mit Steinen
The Spirit of ’43
Spirited Away
The Split Personality
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge out of Water
Spooks (Walter Lantz)
Spooks (Ub Iwerks)
Sports Day at Animal Village

Springtime for Pluto
Springtime Serenade
Squatter’s Rights
The Stag and the Wolf
Stage Door Cartoon
Stealin’ Ain’t Honest
Steamboat Willie
The Steeple Chase
Stille Nacht I: Dramolet
Stille Nacht II: Are We Still Married?
Stille Nacht III: Tales from Vienna Woods
Stille Nacht IV: Can’t Go Wrong Without You
#Stolen Memories: Johannes
Stop That Tank!
Stopping the Show
Stormy Seas
The Story of Animated Drawing
The Story of Little John Bailey
Story of the Bass Cello
Strange Occurrences: Bukit Bulabu
The Strange Return to Omega
Stratos Fear
The Straw Man
Study No. 6
Study No. 7
Stupor Duck
Sufferin’ Cats
Summer Time
The Sunken Bells
A Sunny Day
Sunny Side Up
The SuperVips
Surf-Bored Cat
The Surrogate
Swallow the Leader
The Sweepstakes Ticket
Swim, Monkey, Swim
The Swimming Pool
Swing Cleaning
The Swing School
Swing You Sinners!
Switchin’ Kitten