Director: Jiří Trnka
Release Date: 1949
Rating: ★★★

Román s basou (Story of the Bass Cello) © Jiri Trnka‘Story of the Bass Cello’ is a re-telling of a classic story by Anton Chekhov.

The film tells about a bass player and a girl who both take a swim, but whose clothes are stolen. The bass player invites the lady to take place in his bass case, but when he’s after the possible thief, the case is picked up by his fellow instrumentalists and brought to the palace, where an astonished crowd discovers the naked lady inside.

‘Story of the Bass Cello’ is a mildly amusing and sweet film. It contains nice silent comedy. The short is a little bit slow, however, and not as good as Trnka’s more outrageous ‘The Song of the Prairie‘ from the same year.

Watch ‘Story of the Bass Cello’ yourself and tell me what you think: