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Director: Dave Fleischer
Release Date: July 17, 1942
Stars: Superman

Volcano © ParamountIn the aptly titled short ‘Volcano’, a dormant volcano is starting to erupt again on the island of Monokoa.

Daily Planet reporters Lois and Clarke are present, but Lois steals Clark’s press pass to work alone. She sneaks away to visit the volcano by herself, but when she’s up on the volcano, it suddenly erupts. Superman saves her and the village below by redirecting the lava to the other side.

Together with ‘The Arctic Giant’ and ‘Terror on the Midway‘, ‘Volcano’ is noteworthy for featuring no villain, let alone an evil scientist. Moreover, this Superman short probably contains the most spectacular effect animation within the series in its terrifying depiction of floating lava.

Watch ‘Volcano’ yourself and tell me what you think:

This is Superman film No. 8
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