Director: Winsor McCay
Release Date: 1912
Rating: ★★★½

Still from 'How A Mosquito Operates' featuring the mosquito on a sleeping manWinsor McCay’s second cartoon is about a giant mosquito who sucks a sleeping man until his body is a giant bulb. Then, suddenly aware of the audience, he performs some tricks on the man’s nose, sucks some more and explodes.

Unlike McCay’s first film, ‘Little Nemo‘, a long live action intro is absent, and more important, this one tells a real story. These are both great improvements. Yet, the action is painstakingly slow, and there’s a lot of reverse animation, reusing the same drawings in reverse order. This may have spared drawings, but it doesn’t look convincing in its perfect symmetry of movement.

Nevertheless this rather original film is both nightmarish and silly and, as are all McCay’s films, very well animated.

Watch ‘How a Mosquito Operates’ yourself and tell me what you think:

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