Director: Dave Fleischer
Release Date:
 March 26, 1942

The Bulleteers © ParamountAlthough it’s only the fifth Superman cartoon, ‘The Bulleteers’ already feels so formulaic, it’s depressing.

Like in Superman’s first two cartoons some evil scientists with some crazy machine threaten the city, Lois gets into trouble, superman saves her and Clark Kent discusses her story in the newspaper with her. This time the novelty is that we’re watching three villains.

The evil trio has invented a ‘bullet car’ (part car, part plane, part rocket), with which they destroy the police headquarters and a power-plant by flying through it. Lois foolishly climbs aboard the car, but Superman drags her and the villains out of it in flight.

The spectacular angular staging and effective lighting in this cartoon cannot hide the fact that with ‘The Bulleteers’ the series had reached an inspirational low point story-wise. Later in 1942, the war became a major theme in the Superman series, which fortunately led to more inspired story ideas.

Watch ‘The Bulleteers’ yourself and tell me what you think:

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