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Baby Kangaroo’s Birthday Surprise (Nihon Eiga Kagaku Kenkyujo)
Beauty Shoppe (Cartoon Films, LTD)
A Busy Day (Cartoon Films, LTD)
Baby Checkers (Cartoon Films, LTD)
The Volunteer Worker (Walt Disney)
Feb 2 Little Lambkins (Max Fleischer)
Feb 7 Pinocchio (Walt Disney)
Feb 10 Puss Gets the Boot (MGM)
Mar 2 Elmer’s Candid Camera (Warner Bros.)
Mar 8 Females is Fickle (Max Fleischer)
Mar 15 Ants in the Plants (Max Fleischer)
Mar 15 The Riveter (Walt Disney)
Mar 22 Stealin’ Ain’t Honest (Max Fleischer)
Apr 5 Donald’s Dog Laundry (Walt Disney)
Apr 12 Me Feelins Is Hurt (Max Fleischer)
Apr 13 The Bear’s Tale (Warner Bros.)
Apr 22 100 Pygmies and Andy Panda (Walter Lantz)
Apr 27 Porky’s Poor Fish (Warner Bros.)
May 17 Billposters (Walt Disney)
May 17 A Kick in Time (Max Fleischer)
May 18 You Ought to Be in Pictures (Warner Bros.)
May 25 A Gander at Mother Goose (Warner Bros.)
Jun 7 Mr. Duck Steps Out (Walt Disney)
Jun 7 Wimmen is a Myskery (Max Fleischer)
Jun 8 Tom Thumb in Trouble (Warner Bros.)
Jun 20 Nurse-Mates (Max Fleischer)
Jun 22 The Milky Way (MGM)
Jun 28 Bone Trouble (Walt Disney)
Jul 12 Fightin Pals (Max Fleischer)
Jul 19 Put-Put Troubles (Walt Disney)
Jul 19 Snubbed by a Snob (Max Fleischer)
Jul 20 The Egg Collector (Warner Bros.)
Jul 27 A Wild Hare (Warner Bros.)
Aug 2 Doing Impossikible Stunts (Max Fleischer)
Aug 9 Donald’s Vacation (Walt Disney)
Aug 23 You Can’t Shoe a Horsefly (Max Fleischer)
Aug 30 Puttin on the Act (Max Fleischer)
Sep 20 Popeye Meets William Tell (Max Fleischer)
Sep 20 Window Cleaners (Walt Disney)
Oct 10 My Pop, My Pop (Max Fleischer)
Oct 12 Prehistoric Porky (Warner Bros.)
Nov 2 The Sour Puss (Warner Bros.)
Nov 15 With Poopdeck Pappy (Max Fleischer)
Nov 22 Goofy’s Glider (Walt Disney)
Nov 23 Bedtime for Sniffles (Warner Bros.)
Nov 25 Knock Knock (Walter Lantz)
Dec 7 Of Fox and Hounds (Warner Bros.)
Dec 13 Fire Chief (Walt Disney)
Dec 13 Popeye Presents Eugene, The Jeep (Max Fleischer)
Dec 27 Pantry Pirate (Walt Disney)

4 Newsreels (Soyuzmultfilm)
Fascist Boots on our Homeland (Soyuzmultfilm)
The Thrifty Pig (Walt Disney)
The Vultures (Soyuzmultfilm)
Jan 1 Princess Iron Fan (Xinhua United Film Company)
Jan 10 Problem Pappy (Max Fleischer)
Jan 10 Timber (Walt Disney)
Jan 18 The Fighting 69 1/2th (Warner Bros.)
Jan 24 Pluto’s Playmate (Walt Disney)
Feb 1 Sniffles Bells the Cat (Warner Bros.)
Feb 7 Quiet! Pleeze (Max Fleischer)
Feb 21 Two for the Zoo (Max Fleischer)
Feb 24 Fair Today (Walter Lantz)
March 7 Golden Eggs (Walt Disney)
Mar 15 Tortoise Beats Hare (Warner Bros.)
Mar 28 A Gentleman’s Gentleman (Walt Disney)
Mar 28 Scrub Me Mama with a Boogie Beat (Walter Lantz)
Mar 29 Goofy Groceries (Warner Bros.)
Mar 31 Hysterical High Spots in American History (Walter Lantz)
Apr 4 Flies Ain’t Human (Max Fleischer)
Apr 11 Swing Cleaning (Max Fleischer)
Apr 12 Toy Trouble (Warner Bros.)
Apr 18 Baggage Buster (Walt Disney)
May 9 A Good Time for a Dime (Walt Disney)
May 9 Popeye Meets Rip van Winkle (Max Fleischer)
May 10 Farm Frolics (Warner Bros.)
May 24 Hollywood Steps Out (Warner Bros.)
Jun 7 Hiawatha’s Rabbit Hunt (Warner Bros.)
Jun 13 Olive’s Boithday Presink (Max Fleischer)
Jun 20 The Reluctant Dragon (Walt Disney)
Jun 27 Hoola Boola (George Pal)
Jul 5 The Heckling Hare (Warner Bros.)
Jul 5 Meet John Doughboy (Warner Bros.)
Jul 7 Woody Woodpecker (Walter Lantz)
Jul 11 Child Psykolojiky (Max Fleischer)
Jul 11 Early to Bed (Walt Disney)
Aug 1 Truant Officer Donald (Walt Disney)
Aug 2 Aviation Vacation (Warner Bros.)
Aug 8 Pest Pilot (Max Fleischer)
Aug 11 The Screwdriver (Walter Lantz)
Aug 22 Vitamin Hay (Max Fleischer)
Sep 1 The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company “B” (Walter Lantz)
Sep 12 Old MacDonald Duck (Walt Disney)
Sep 19 I’ll Never Crow Again (Max Fleischer)
Sep 26 Superman (Max Fleischer)
Oct 11 Robinson Crusoe, jr. (Warner Bros.)
Oct 23 Dumbo (Walt Disney)
Oct 24 Donald’s Camera (Walt Disney)
Oct 25 Rookie Revue (Warner Bros.)
Nov 1 Porky’s Pooch (Warner Bros.)
Nov 14 The Art of Skiing (Walt Disney)
Nov 14 The Mighty Navy (Max Fleischer)
Nov 21 The Mechanical Monsters (Max Fleischer)
Nov 24 What’s Cookin’? (Pantry Panic) (Walter Lantz)
Dec 1 $21 a Day (Once a Month) (Walter Lantz)
Dec 4 Mr. Bug Goes to Town (Max Fleischer)
Dec 5 Chef Donald (Walt Disney)
Dec 6 The Night Before Christmas (MGM)
Dec 6 Rhapsody in Rivets (Warner Bros.)
Dec 12 7 Wise Dwarfs (Walt Disney)
Dec 19 Nix on Hypnotricks (Max Fleischer)
Dec 20 Wabbit Twouble (Warner Bros.)
Dec 26 The Art of Self Defense (Walt Disney)
Dec 26 Rhythm in the Ranks (George Pal)

The Animal Village in Trouble (Sanae Yamamoto)
Four Methods of Flush Riveting (Walt Disney)
Kino-Circus (Soyuzmultfilm)
Sankichi the Monkey: The Air Combat (Yoshitaro Kataoka)
Stop That Tank! (Walt Disney)
Jan 11 Donald’s Decision (Walt Disney)
Jan 13 All Together (Walt Disney)
Jan 16 The Village Smithy (Walt Disney)
Jan 17 Fraidy Cat (MGM)
Jan 17 Kickin’ the Conga ‘Round (Max Fleischer)
Jan 23 The New Spirit (Walt Disney)
Feb 9 Hollywood Matador (Walter Lantz)
Feb 13 Blunder Below (Max Fleischer)
Feb 14 Conrad the Sailor (Warner Bros.)
Feb 28 Pluto Junior (Walt Disney)
Mar 4 The Hams That Couldn’t Be Cured (Walter Lantz)
Mar 13 Fleets of Stren’th (Max Fleischer)
Mar 26 The Bulleteers (Max Fleischer)
Mar 27 Sky Princess (George Pal)
Mar 28 The Wabbit Who Came to Supper (Warner Bros.)
Apr 10 Donald’s Snow Fight (Walt Disney)
Apr 11 Horton Hatches the Egg (Warner Bros.)
Apr 13 Mother Goose on the Loose (Walter Lantz)
Apr 24 The Magnetic Telescope (Max Fleischer)
May 1 Donald Gets Drafted (Walt Disney)
May 9 The Draft Horse (Warner Bros.)
May 15 Many Tanks (Max Fleischer)
May 22 The Army Mascot (Walt Disney)
May 23 Lights Fantastic(Warner Bros.)
June 15 Electric Earthquake (Max Fleischer)
Jul 3 Baby Wants a Bottleship (Max Fleischer)
Jul 3 The Sleep Walker (Walt Disney)
Jul 17 Volcano (Max Fleischer)
Jul 12 Donald’s Garden (Walt Disney)
Jul 18 The Bowling Alley Cat (MGM)
Jul 18 Foney Fables (Warner Bros.)
Jul 21 Food Will Win The War (Walt Disney)
Jul 24 Donald’s Gold Mine (Walt Disney)
Jul 27 Juke Box Jamboree (Walter Lantz)
Jul 30 Out of the Frying Pan into the Firing Line (Walt Disney)
Aug 3 Pigeon Patrol (Walter Lantz)
Aug 7 You’re a Sap, Mr. Jap (Famous Studios)
Aug 13 Bambi (Walt Disney)
Aug 14 T-Bone for Two (Walt Disney)
Aug 24 Saludos Amigos (Walt Disney)
Aug 26 Terror on the Midway (Max Fleischer)
Sep  Serenata nocturna (Toonder Studios)
Sep 4 Alona on the Sarong Seas (Famous Studios)
Sep 4 How to Play Baseball (Warner Bros.)
Sep 18 Japoteurs (Famous Studios)
Sep 19 The Dover Boys (Warner Bros.)
Sep 25 The Vanishing Private (Walt Disney)
Oct 9 The Olympic Champ (Walt Disney)
Oct 10 Fine Feathered Friend (MGM)
Oct 10 The Hare-Brained Hypnotist (Warner Bros.)
Oct 16 Showdown (Famous Studios)
Oct 23 How to Swim (Walt Disney)
Oct 25 The Hep Cat (Warner Bros.)
Nov 6 Sky Trooper (Walt Disney)
Nov 20 Eleventh Hour (Famous Studios)
Nov 20 Pluto at the Zoo (Walt Disney)
Dec 4 How to Fish (Walt Disney)
Dec 5 My Favorite Duck (Warner Bros.)
Dec 18 Bellboy Donald (Walt Disney)
Dec 25 Destruction, Inc. (Famous Studios)

Das musikalische Auto (The Musical Car) (Toonder Studios)
Phi-garo in het woud (Phi-garo in the Woods) (Toonder Studios)
Jan 1 Der Fuehrer’s Face (Walt Disney)
Jan 4 The Grain that Built a Hemisphere (Walt Disney)
Jan 7 The Spirit of ’43 (Walt Disney)
Jan 9 To Duck or Not To Duck (Warner Bros.)
Jan 15 Education for Death (Walt Disney)
Jan 16 Sufferin’ Cats (MGM)
Jan 29 Donald’s Tire Trouble (Walt Disney)
Feb 19 The Mummy Strikes (Famous Studios)
Feb 19 Pluto and the Armadillo (Walt Disney)
Mar 12 Flying Jalopy (Walt Disney)
Mar 20 Dumb-Hounded (MGM)
Apr 2 Private Pluto (Walt Disney)
Apr 26 Jungle Drums (Famous Studios)
May 22 The Lonesome Mouse (MGM)
Jun 12 The Aristo-Cat (Warner Bros.)
Jun 26 Yankee Doodle Mouse (MGM)
Jul 3 Wackiki Wabbit (Warner Bros.)
Jul 30 Victory Vehicles (Walt Disney)
Aug 27 Reason and Emotion (Walt Disney)
Sep 25 A Corny Concerto (Warner Bros.)
Oct 15 Figaro and Cleo (Walt Disney)
Nov 5 The Winged Scourge (Walt Disney)
Dec Defense Against Invasion (Walt Disney)
Dec 11 Puss ‘n Booty (Warner Bros.)
Dec 17 Chicken Little (Walt Disney)
Dec 18 Little Red Riding Rabbit (Warner Bros.)
Dec 25 Baby Puss (MGM)

Jan 7 The Pelican and the Snipe (Walt Disney)
Jun 23 Springtime for Pluto (Walt Disney)
Sep 22 First Aiders (Walt Disney)
Oct 4 Barber of Seville (Walter Lantz)
Oct 14 Plane Daffy (Warner Bros.)
Nov 3 I Got Plenty of Mutton (Warner Bros.)
Dec 21 The Three Caballeros (Walt Disney)
Dec 30 Stage Door Cartoon (Warner Bros.)

Jan 5 Odor-Able Kitty (Warner Bros.)
Apr 14 The Shooting of Dan McGoo (MGM)
Apr 21 Hare Trigger (Warner Bros.)
Jun 9 A Gruesome Twosome (Warner Bros.)
Jun 28 Wagon Heels (Warner Bros.)
Jul 7 Mouse in Manhattan (MGM)
Aug 11 Hare Conditioned (Warner Bros.)
Sep 21 Hockey Homicide (Walt Disney)
Nov 3 Wild and Woolfy (MGM)
Dec 7 Canine Patrol (Walt Disney)

La flûte magique (The Magical Flute) (Paul Grimault)
Jan 5 Book Revue (Warner Bros.)
Feb 2 Baseball Bugs (Warner Bros.)
Mar 8 A Knight for a Day (Walt Disney)
Mar 23 Hare Remover (Warner Bros.)
Apr 12 Pluto’s Kid Brother (Walt Disney)
May 10 In Dutch (Walt Disney)
Jun 7 Squatter’s Rights (Walt Disney)
Jun 29 Acrobatty Bunny (Warner Bros.)
Aug 3 Northwest Hounded Police (MGM)
Aug 31 Walky Talky Hawky (Warner Bros.)
Sep 20 Lighthouse Keeping (Walt Disney)
Oct 5 The Big Snooze (Warner Bros.)
Nov 1 Frank Duck Brings ‘Em Back Alive (Walt Disney)
Nov 11 Rhapsody Rabbit (Warner Bros.)
Dec 12 Double Dribble (Walt Disney)

Le petit soldat (the little soldier) (Paul Grimault)
Тебе Москва (To You, Moscow) (Soyuzmultfilm)
Feb 2 Pluto’s Housewarming (Walt Disney)
Feb 22 Cat Fishin’ (MGM)
Feb 24 Musical Moments from Chopin (Walter Lantz)
Mar 15 Part Time Pal (MGM)
Mar 21 Rescue Dog (Walt Disney)
Apr 12 Birth of a Notion (Warner Bros.)
Apr 26 The Cat Concerto (MGM)
May 22 A Hare Grows in Manhattan (Warner Bros.)
Jun 6 Coo-Coo Bird (Walter Lantz)
Jun 14 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse (MGM)
Jun 16 Overture to William Tell (Walter Lantz)
Jun 20 Clown of the Jungle (Walt Disney)
Jun 28 Easter Yeggs (Warner Bros.)
Jul 11 Donald’s Dilemma (Walt Disney)
Jul 12 Crowing Pains (Warner Bros.)
Jul 12 Salt Water Tabby (MGM)
Aug 22 Bootle Beetle (Walt Disney)
Aug 30 A Mouse in the House (MGM)
Sep 27 Fun and Fancy Free (Walt Disney)
Sep 27 The Invisible Mouse (MGM)
Oct 3 Mickey’s Delayed Date (Walt Disney)
Oct 31 Foul Hunting (Walt Disney)
Nov 1 Slick Hare (Warner Bros.)
Nov 14 Mail Dog (Walt Disney)
Nov 28 Chip an’ Dale (Walt Disney)
Dec 26 Pluto’s Blue Note (Walt Disney)

Magic Canvas (Halas & Batchelor)
Jan 23 They’re Off (Walt Disney)
Feb 6 The Big Wash (Walt Disney)
Mar 6 Daffy Duck Slept Here (Warner Bros.)
Mar 19 Mickey Down Under (Walt Disney)
Mar 27 Back Alley Oproar (Warner Bros.)
Apr 10 Rabbit Punch (Warner Bros.)
Apr 30 Bone Bandit (Walt Disney)
May 1 Pixie Picnic (Walter Lantz)
May 8 Buccaneer Bunny (Warner Bros.)
May 21 Donald’s Dream Voice (Walt Disney)
May 27 Melody Time (Walt Disney)
Jun 1 Kitty Foiled (MGM)
Jun 12 Bugs Bunny Rides Again (Warner Bros.)
Jul 17 The Truce Hurts (MGM)
Jul 24 Haredevil Hare (Warner Bros.)
Aug 13 Cat Nap Pluto (Walt Disney)
Aug 14 Dough Re Me-ow (Warner Bros.)
Aug 27 Wet Blanket Policy (Walter Lantz)
Sep 18 Old Rockin’ Chair Tom (MGM)
Oct 9 The Foghorn Leghorn (Warner Bros.)
Oct 30 Professor Tom (MGM)
Dec 11 Mouse Cleaning (MGM)
Dec 12 Mickey and the Seal (Walt Disney)
Dec 14 My Bunny Lies over the Sea (Warner Bros.)
Dec 18 Scaredy Cat (Warner Bros.)

Árie Prérie (The Song of the Prairie) (Jiří Trnka)
Mr. Wolf (Soyuzmultfilm)
Román s basou (Story of the Bass Cello) (Jiří Trnka)
Jan 14 Pueblo Pluto (Walt Disney)
Jan 15 Hare Do (Warner Bros.)
Jan 29 Awful Orphan (Warner Bros.)
Feb 12 Porky Chops (Warner Bros.)
Feb 26 Mississippi Hare (Warner Bros.)
Feb 26 Polka Dot Puss (MGM)
Mar 4 Pluto’s Surprise Package (Walt Disney)
Mar 25 Drooler’s Delight (Walter Lantz)
Mar 26 Daffy Duck Hunt (Warner Bros.)
Apr 8 Sea Salts (Walt Disney)
Apr 9 Rebel Rabbit (Warner Bros.)
Apr 9 Señor Droopy (MGM)
Apr 15 Císařův Slavík (The Emperor’s Nightingale) (Jiří Trnka)
Apr 23 Mouse Wreckers (Warner Bros.)
Apr 29 Pluto’s Sweater (Walt Disney)
Apr 30 High Diving Hare (Warner Bros.)
Apr 30 The Little Orphan (MGM)
May 14 Hatch Up Your Troubles (MGM)
Jun 3 Winter Storage (Walt Disney)
Jun 4 Bowery Bugs (Warner Bros.)
Jun 24 Bubble Bee (Walt Disney)
Jun 25 Long-Haired Hare (Warner Bros.)
Jul 9 Heavenly Puss (MGM)
Jul 23 Bad Ol’ Putty Tat (Warner Bros.)
Aug 6 The Grey Hounded Hare (Warner Bros.)
Aug 26 Tennis Racquet (Walt Disney)
Aug 27 The Windblown Hare (Warner Bros.)
Sep 2 Dough for the Do-Do (Warner Bros.)
Sep 13 The Cat and the Mermouse (MGM)
Sep 19 Fast and Furry-ous (Warner Bros.)
Sep 23 Goofy Gymnastics (Walt Disney)
Oct 1 Love That Pup (MGM)
Oct 5 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad (Walt Disney)
Oct 7 Frigid Hare (Warner Bros.)
Oct 14 The Greener Yard (Walt Disney)
Oct 14 Swallow the Leader (Warner Bros.)
Oct 21 Bye, Bye Bluebeard (Warner Bros.)
Oct 22 Jerry’s Diary (MGM)
Nov 4 Sheep Dog (Walt Disney)
Nov 12 For Scent-imental Reasons (Warner Bros.)
Nov 19 Hippety Hopper (Warner Bros.)
Nov 25 Slide, Donald, Slide (Walt Disney)
Dec 10 Tennis Chumps (MGM)
Dec 13 A Ham in a Role (Warner Bros.)
Dec 16 Toy Tinkers (Walt Disney)
Dec 24 Rabbit Hood(Warner Bros.)

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