Director: Georges Schwizgebel
Release Date:

Le vol d'Icare © Georges SchwizgebelIn ‘le vol d’Icare’ a man wants to fly like the birds. In the end he succeeds.

More important than the plot, however, is the technique of this film, which makes use of huge pixels, giving it a very digital look. Even though the man and the birds are extremely simplified, their motions are instantly recognizable. Even more remarkable is that the film contains some kind of baroque feel, amplified by Louis Couperin’s harpsichord music.

‘Le Vol d’Icare’ was Swiss animator Georges Schwizgebel’s first animated film. It doesn’t resemble his later films. In fact, it doesn’t resemble any other animation film. But it already shows Schwizgebel’s originality and virtuosity, and it can be considered his first masterpiece.

Watch ‘Le vol d’Icare’ yourself and tell me what you think:

‘Le vol d’Icare’ is available on the DVD ‘Les Peintures animées de Georges Schwizgebel’