Director: Georges Schwizgebel
Release Date:

erspectives © Georges SchwizAs the title implies, this short film is a study in perspectives. It also seems to address the arbitrariness of things, as we see a walking woman change into herself, into skaters and into a running dog, whenever our perspective of her changes. The film uses effective piano music by Bach.

‘Perspectives’ introduces several aspects of Schwizgebel’s mature style: the painted canvas, the rotoscoped movements, the constant changing of perspectives, the prominent shadows and his mastery of metamorphosis. In his next films Schwizgebel would expand on this technique, which would eventually lead to such masterpieces as ‘La jeune fille et les nuages’ (2000) and ‘L’Homme sans ombre’ (2004).

Watch ‘Perspectives’ yourself and tell me what you think:

‘Perspectives’ is available on the DVD ‘Les Peintures animées de Georges Schwizgebel’