Director: Paul Driessen
Release Date: 1977
Rating: ★★★★½

Ei om zeep © Paul DriessenA man is going to eat an egg, when he suddenly hears a voice from within it. He destroys the egg, killing the unseen victim. However his cruel behavior is soon punished in an echo of events.

‘Ei om zeep’ is a short cartoon with a very limited setting. The whole action takes place within a single square frame and its perspective is changed only once. In this claustrophobic surrounding the story unfolds its own inner logic. In this limited time-space Paul Driessen shows his mastery of story telling.

This classic film is a prime example of Paul Driessen’s mature style. It’s the first in which he plays with framing the action (soon followed by split screens, eventually leading to the extreme example of ‘The End of the World in Four Seasons’ from 1995). It shows his typical way of telling a short story based on a simple, yet clever idea which makes film tick like an inevitable fate. Later examples of this are ‘Home on the Rails‘ (1981) and ‘Sunny Side Up‘ (1985). And finally, the film is typical of Driessen’s dark humor, which always has a disturbing edge to it. We may feel as powerful as this man, but we, too, will get crushed in the end…

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‘Ei om zeep’ is available on the DVD ‘The Dutch Films of Paul Driessen’