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Caballero Droopy
The Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer
The Cactus Kid
Cadres fleuris
Cage Match
Calypso Cat
The Cameraman’s Revenge
Candy Can
Canine Patrol
Canned Feud
Cannery Rodent
Cannery Woe
Cannibal Capers

Can’t Go Wrong Without You
The Captain’s Christmas
Carmen Get It
Carnival Capers
Carrousel boréal
Cars 2
Cartoons on Tour
Casanova Cat
Case of the Missing Hare
The Case of the Stuttering Pig
The Castaway

The Cat Above, the Mouse Below
Cat and Dupli-cat
Cat and Mouse
The Cat and the Mermouse
The Cat Concerto

Cat Fishin’
Cat Nap Pluto
Cat Napping
The Cat’s Canary
The Cat’s Me-Ouch
The Cat’s Out
Le cauchemar de Fantoche
Cellar Beware
The Centaurs

The Centrifuge Brain Project
Le cerceau magique
The Chain Gang
Le champion du jeu à la mode
The Champion of Fashionable Games
The Changing of the Guard
Le chapeau
Les chapeaux des belles dames
Charlie’s White Elephant
Le chat du Rabbin
Les chaussures matrimoniales
Chef Donald
Cherry on the Cake
Chess Nuts
Le cheveu délateur
Chez les dinosaures
Chicken Dressing
Chicken Little
Child Psykolojiky
The Childhood of Art
Children Who Chase Lost Voices
The China Plate
Chinaman’s Chance
Chinese Jinks
Chip an’ Dale
Chips Ahoy
The ChubbChubbs!
The ChubbChubbs Save Xmas
Chudo meljnitsa
Cinderella Meets Fella
Circus Capers
Císařův Slavík
Cité en vol
City in flight
A Civil War
Clair de lune espagnol
Clash and Carry
Clear and Presidente Danger
Clip Job
Clipphanger: Waarom worden meisjes ongesteld?
Clipphanger: wat was apartheid?
The Clock Store
Close Call
A Close Shave
Clown of the Jungle
The Clown’s Little Brother
Cock Tales for Four
Col. Heeza Liar’s African Hunt
Cold Storage
Cold Turkey
Cold War
Colonel Heeza Liar at the Bat
Color of Naught
Combat de titans
The Comic Generations
The Comic Metamorphoses
Confessions of a Foyer Girl
Congo Jazz
Conrad the Sailor
Conspirators of Pleasure
Les contes de la nuit (1992 mini-series)
Les Contes de la nuit (2011 film)
Convict Concerto
Coo Coo Bird
Coo Coo the Magician
The Cookie Carnival
Cool World
Cops Is Always Right
A Corny Concerto
Corpse Bride
Couleur de peau: miel
The Country Cousin
Les couronnes
La Course à l’Abîme
Cracked Ice
Crayon d’amour
Crazy Mixed-up Pup
Crazy over Daisy
Crazy Town
The Creator
Les Cro-magnons
Cro Minion
Crowing Pains
Cryin’ for the Carolines
Cubby’s Picnic
Cubby’s World Flight
Customers Wanted

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