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The Centaurs (Winsor McCay)
Flip’s Circus (Winsor McCay)
Gertie on Tour (Winsor McCay)

? All Aboard for a Trip to the Moon (Max Fleischer, Bray Pictures)
? Dans les griffes de l’araignée (In the Spider’s Grip) (Władysław Starewicz)
Feb 27 The Wrong Track (Walter Lantz, Bray Pictures)
Jul 6 The Clown’s Little Brother (Max Fleischer, Bray Pictures)

? Bug Vaudeville (Winsor McCay)
? The Flying House (Winsor McCay)
? The Pet (Winsor McCay)
Aug 21 Hunting an’ Fishing (Earl Hurd, Paramount)

? Les grenouilles qui demandent un roi (The Frogs Who Wanted a King) (Władysław Starewicz)
Aug 26 Fresh Fish (Earl Hurd, Educational)

? Alice’s Wonderland (Walt Disney)
Jan 28 Chicken Dressing (Earl Hurd, Educational)

May 1 Alice’s Wild West Show (Walt Disney)
Nov 1 Alice Gets in Dutch (Walt Disney)

May 27 Alice’s Egg Plant (Walt Disney)
Dec 15 Alice in the Jungle (Walt Disney)

Feb 15 Alice’s Mysterious Mystery (Walt Disney)

Jul 27 Alice the Whaler (Walt Disney)
Oct 3 The Mechanical Cow (Walt Disney)
Oct 17 Great Guns (Walt Disney)
Oct 31 All Wet (Walt Disney)
Nov 14 The Ocean Hop (Walt Disney)

Der scheintote Chinese (The Death Feigning Chinaman) (Lotte Reiniger)
Mar 5 Rival Romeos (Walt Disney)
Mar 19 Bright Lights (Walt Disney)
Apr 30 Ozzie of the Mounted (Walt Disney)
May 15 Plane Crazy (Walt Disney)
May 28 Oh, What A Knight (Walt Disney)
June 11 Sky Scrappers (Walt Disney)
June 25 The Fox Chase (Walt Disney)
Jul 9 Tall Timber (Walt Disney)
Aug 7 Gallopin’ Gaucho (Walt Disney)
Nov 18 Steamboat Willie (Walt Disney)

Mar 15 The Barn Dance (Walt Disney)
Mar 28 The Opry House (Walt Disney)
Apr 25 The Barnyard Battle (Walt Disney)
May Bosko the Talk-ink Kid (Harman & Ising)
May 3 When The Cat’s Away (Walt Disney)
May 9 The Plow Boy (Walt Disney)
May 10 The Skeleton Dance (Walt Disney)
Jun 2 Polo Match (Van Beuren)
Jun 21 Finding His Voice (Max Fleischer)
Jul 31 The Karnival Kid (Walt Disney)
Aug 28 Mickey’s Follies (Walt Disney)
Sep 7 El Terrible Toreador (Walt Disney)
Oct 1 Mickey’s Choo-Choo (Walt Disney)
Oct 4 Springtime (Walt Disney)
Oct 11 Summer Time (Van Beuren)
Oct 15 The Jazz Fool (Walt Disney)
Nov 11 Hell’s Bells (Walt Disney)
Nov 15 Jungle Rhythm (Walt Disney)
Dec 1 Close Call (Van Beuren)
Dec 1 The Merry Dwarfs (Walt Disney)
Dec 2 The Haunted House (Walt Disney)
Dec 21 Wild Waves (Walt Disney)

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