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Where is Mama (Shanghai Animation Film Studio)

Mar 16 The Saga of Windwagon Smith (Walt Disney)
Sep 1 Switchin’ Kitten (MGM)
Oct 26 Down and Outing (MGM)
Dec 2 The Last Hungry Cat (MGM)
Dec 12 It’s Greek to Me-Ow! (MGM)

Jan High Steaks (MGM)
Feb Mouse into Space (MGM)
Apr Landing Stripling (MGM)
Jun Calypso Cat (MGM)
Jul Dicky Moe (MGM)
Aug The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit (MGM)
Sep Tall in the Trap (MGM)
Oct Sorry Safari (MGM)
Nov Buddies Thicker than Water (MGM)
Dec Carmen Get It (MGM)

Jul 27 Penthouse Mouse (MGM)

Poslední trik pana Schwarcewalldea a pana Edgara (The Last Trick) (Jan Švankmajer)
Feb 25 The Cat Above, the Mouse Below (MGM)
Mar 24 Is there a Doctor in the Mouse? (MGM)
Apr 14 Much Ado About Mousing (MGM)
May 12 Snowbody Loves Me (MGM)
Sep 21 The Hat (John Hubley)
Dec 8 The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse (MGM)
Dec 18 The Pink Phink (DePatie-Freleng)

A Hot Stone (Soyuzmultfilm)
Hra s kameny (A Game with Stones) (Jan Švankmajer)
Ruka (The Hand) (Jiří Trnka)
Jan 20 Ah, Sweet Mouse Story of Life (MGM)
Jan 27 Tom-ic Energy (MGM)
Feb 10 Bad Day at Cat Rock (MGM)
Mar 3 The Brothers Carry-Mouse-Off (MGM)
Mar 17 Dial “P” for Pink (DePatie-Freleng)
Mar 24 Haunted Mouse (MGM)
Apr 7 I’m Just Wild About Jerry (MGM)
Apr 12 Sink Pink (DePatie-Freleng)
May 19 Of Feline Bondage (MGM)
Jun 9 The Year of the Mouse (MGM)
Aug 25 The Pink Tail Fly (DePatie-Freleng)
Oct 1 West and Soda (Bruno Bozzetto)
Dec 14 Bully for Pink (DePatie-Freleng)
Dec 22 The Cat’s Me-ouch (MGM)

Et cetera (Jan Švankmajer)
Гордый кораблик (Proud Little Ship) (Soyuzmultfilm)
Jan 20 Duel Personality (MGM)
Feb 17 Jerry Jerry Quite Contrary (MGM)
Mar 3 Jerry-Go-Round (MGM)
Mar 16 Pink Pistons (DePatie-Freleng)
Apr 28 Love, Love My Mouse (MGM)
May 5 Puss ‘n’ Boats (MGM)
May 25 The Pink Blue Print (DePatie-Freleng)
May 25 Pink, Plunk, Plink (DePatie-Freleng)
Jun 30 Fillet Meow (MGM)
Jul 14 Matinee Mouse (MGM)
Aug 4 The A-Tom-inable Snowman (MGM)
Dec 18 How the Grinch Stole Christmas (MGM)
Dec 23 Rock-a-bye Pinky (DePatie-Freleng)

Historia Naturae, Suita (Jan Švankmajer)
Prophets and Lessons (Soyuzmultfilm)
Una vita in scatola (Bruno Bozzetto)
Jan 20 Cat and Dupli-cat (MGM)
Feb 24 O-Solar-Meow (MGM)
Mar 10 Guided Mouse-ille (MGM)
Apr 7 Rock ‘n’ Rodent (MGM)
Apr 14 Cannery Rodent (MGM)
Apr 21 The Mouse from H.U.N.G.E.R. (MGM)
Apr 26 Pink Posies (DePatie-Freleng)
May 5 Surf-Bored Cat (MGM)
May 17 Pink of the Litter(DePatie-Freleng)
May 18 In the Pink (DePatie-Freleng)
Jun 13 Jet Pink (DePatie-Freleng)
Jun 23 Shutter Bugged Cat (MGM)
Aug 25 Advance and Be Mechanized (MGM)
Sep 8 Purr-Chance to a Dream (MGM)
Dec 31 The Bear That Wasn’t (MGM)

Sirene (Raoul Servais)
Oct 31 Vip mio fratello superuomo (The SuperVips) (Bruno Bozzetto)

Don Šajn (Don Juan) (Jan Švankmajer)
Tichý týden v dome (A Quiet Week in the House) (Jan Švankmajer)
Dec 4 A Boy Named Charlie Brown (Lee Mendelson Films)

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