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Director: Isadore Sparber
Release Date:
 Oct 16, 1942

Showdown © ParamountIn an original twist to the Superman formula, a sneaky fake Superman steals jewelry for his gangster boss.

Meanwhile Lois and Clark  have to report an opera performance. Luckily, the fake superman is there, too, pickpocketing the attendants. Superman captures his look-alike and his boss.

‘Showdown’ clearly has the most original story line of all superman cartoons, and this makes the short arguably the best entry of the series. At least the cartoon contains the funniest line in the series, when Lois makes Clark Kent the sarcastic remark “fine Superman you‘d make”.

Watch ‘Showdown’ yourself and tell me what you think:

This is Superman film No. 11
To the previous Superman film: Japoteurs
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