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? Amazonia (Faith Hubley)
? Veliki provod (The Big Time) (Zagreb Film)

? Adam (Aardman)
? Řeči Řeči Řeči (Words, Words, Words) (Michaela Pavlátová)
? Trazom, A.W. (Osvaldo Cavandoli)
? Upside Down (Faith Hubley)

? Contes de la nuit (Michel Ocelot)
? Hotel E (Priit Pärn)
? La course à l’abîme (The Ride to the Abyss) (Georges Schwizgebel)
? Loves Me, Loves Me Not (Aardman)
? Paranoja (Zagreb Film)
? Stille Nacht II; Are We Still Married? (Brothers Quay)
? Stille Nacht III: Tales from Vienna Woods (Brothers Quay)
? Tall Time Tales (Faith Hubley)
Apr 10 FernGully: The Last Rainforest (Kroyer Films)
Jul 1 Porco Rosso (Ghibli)
Jul 10 Cool World (Ralph Bakshi)
Oct Swamp (Gil Alkabetz)

? Cloudland (Faith Hubley)
? Not Without My Handbag (Aardman)
? The Sound of Music (Phil Mulloy)
? Stille Nacht IV: Can’t Go Wrong Without You (Brothers Quay)
? Thou Shalt Not Kill (Phil Mulloy)
May The Village (Mark Baker)
Jun Le fleuve aux grandes aux (Frédéric Back)
Oct 29 The Nightmare Before Christmas (Touchstone)
Dec 10 The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb (Bolexbrothers)
Dec 25 Ocean Waves (Ghibli)
Dec 26 The Wrong Trousers (Aardman)

? Ah Pook Is Here (Philip Hunt)
? The Discovery of Language (Phil Mulloy)
? Hilary (Jonathan Hodgson)
? The Invention of Writing (and Its Destruction) (Phil Mulloy)
? Jumping Joan (Petra Freeman)
? Le moine et le poisson (The Monk and the Fish) (Michael Dudok de Wit)
? Mr Jessop (Brian Wood)
? Sandburg’s Arithmetic (Lynn Smith)
? Seers and Clowns (Faith Hubley)
? Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery (Phil Mulloy)
? Thou Shalt Not Steal (Phil Mulloy)
? Triangle (Erica Russell)
? The Wooden Leg (Darren Doherty & Nick Smith)
Mar 5 I, Duckman (Klasky Csupo)
Mar 12 T.V. or Not to Be (Klasky Csupo)
Mar 19 Gripes of Wrath (Klasky Csupo)
Mar 26 Psyche (Klasky Csupo)
Apr 9 Gland of Opportunity (Klasky Csupo)
Apr 14 Ride the High School (Klasky Csupo)
Apr 23 A Civil War (Klasky Csupo)
Apr 30 Not So Easy Riders (Klasky Csupo)
May 7 It’s the Thing of the Principal (Klasky Csupo)
May 21 Cellar Beware (Klasky Csupo)
May 28 American Dicks (Klasky Csupo)
Jun 4 About Face (Klasky Csupo)
Jun 11 Joking the Chicken (Klasky Csupo)
Jun 15 The Lion King (Walt Disney)
Jul 16 Pom Poko (Ghibli)
Jul 29 The Mask (New Line Productions)
Sep 10 Lekce Faust (Faust) (Jan Švankmajer)
Okt Passage (Raimond Krumme)

? Her Grandmother’s Gift (Emily Hubley)
? Honour Thy Father and Thy Mother (Phil Mulloy)
? Know Your Europeans, UK (Bob Godfrey, Halas & Batchelor)
? Posljednji valcer u starom mlinu (Last Waltz in the Old Mill) (Zagreb film)
? Rainbows of Hawai’i (Faith & Emily Hubley)
? Remember to Keep the Holy Sabbath Day (Phil Mulloy)
? Repete (Michaela Pavlátová)
? Thou Shalt Not Adore False Gods (Phil Mulloy)
? Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness (Phil Mulloy)
? Thou Shalt Not Commit Blasphemy (Phil Mulloy)
? Wir lebten im Gras (We Lived in Grass) (Andreas Hykade)
? The Wrong Brothers (Steven Weston)
Jan 7 Pib and Pog (Aardman)
Feb 26 Changes (Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network)
Mar 11 Papa Oom M.O.W. M.O.W. (Klasky-Csupo)
Mar 18 Married Alive (Klasky-Csupo)
Mar 25 Days of Whining and Neurosis (Klasky-Csupo)
Mar 26 Johnny Bravo (Hanna-Barbera)
Apr 3 Inherit the Judgement: The Dope’s Trial (Klasky-Csupo)
Apr 7 A Goofy Movie (Walt Disney)
Apr 10 America the Beautiful (Klasky-Csupo)
Apr 17 The Germ Turns (Klasky-Csupo)
Apr 24 In the Nam of the Father (Klasky-Csupo)
May 1 Research and Destroy (Klasky-Csupo)
May 6 1895 (Eesti Joonisfilm)
May 8 Clip Job (Klasky-Csupo)
Jun 23 Pocahontas (Walt Disney)
Jul 15 Whisper of the Heart (Ghibli)
Aug 11 Runaway Brain (Walt Disney)
Aug 25 Carrotblanca (Warner Bros.)
Nov 18 Ghost in the Shell (Mamoru Oshii)
Nov 22 Toy Story (Pixar)
Dec 23 Memories (Katsuhiro Otomo)
Dec 24 A Close Shave (Aardman)

? Bird in the Window (Igor Kovalyov)
? Le Chapeau (The Hat) (Michèle Cournoyer)
? L’égoïste (The Egotist) (Folimage)
? How Wings Are Attached to the Backs of Angels (Craig Welch)
? Misa u A-molu (Mass in A minor) (Zagreb Film)
? Når livet går sin vej (When Life Departs) (Statens Filmcentral)
? Pop (Aardman)
? Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbours Goods (Phil Mulloy)
? Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbours Wife (Phil Mulloy)
? The Wind of Changes (Phil Mulloy)
Jan 6 Noir Gang (Klasky-Csupo)
Jan 13 Forbidden Fruit (Klasky-Csupo)
Jan 20 Grandma-ma’s Flatulent Adventure (Klasky-Csupo)
Jan 27 Color of Naught (Klasky-Csupo)
Feb 10 Sperms of Endearment (Klasky-Csupo)
Feb 17 A Room with a Bellevue (Klasky-Csupo)
Feb 24 Apocalypse Not (Klasky-Csupo)
Mar 2 Clear and Presidente Danger (Klasky-Csupo)
Mar 9 The Girls of Route Canal (Klasky-Csupo)
Mar 10 The Big Sister (Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network)
Mar 16 The Mallardian Candidate (Klasky-Csupo)
Mar 24 Old Man Dexter (Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network)
Apr Quest (Thomas Stellmach Animation)
Apr 6 Pig Amok (Klasky-Csupo)
Apr 10 Wat’s Pig (Aardman)
Apr 12 James and the Giant Peach (WaltDisney)
Apr 13 The Once and Future Duck (Klasky-Csupo)
Apr 14 Dimwit Dexter (Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network)
Apr 20 The One with Lisa Kudrow in a Small Role (Klasky-Csupo)
Apr 27 Aged Heat (Klasky-Csupo)
Apr 27 Deedeemensional/Dial M for Monkey: Magmanamus/Maternal Combat (Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network)
May 4 They Craved Duckman’s Brain! (Klasky-Csupo)
May 9 Dexter Dodgeball/Dial M for Monkey: Rasslor/Dexter’s Assistant (Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network)
May 11 Dexter’s Rival/Dial M for Monkey: Simion/Old Man Dexter (Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network)
May 11 The Road to Dendron (Klasky-Csupo)
May 18 Double Trouble/Dial M for Monkey: Barbequor/Changes (Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network)
May 25 Jurassic Pooch/Dial M for Monkey: Orgon Grindor/Dimwit Dexter (Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network)
May 25 Exile in Guyville (Klasky-Csupo)
June 1 Dee Dee’s Room/Dial M for Monkey: Huntor/The Big Sister (Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network)
June 21 The Hunchback of the Notre Dame (Walt Disney)
June 22 The Longest Weekend (Klasky-Csupo)
June 29 The Amazing Colossal Duckman (Klasky-Csupo)
July 6 Cock Tales for Four (Klasky-Csupo)
Aug Spiklenci slasti (Conspirators of Pleasure) (Jan Švankmajer)
Oct The Saint Inspector (Bolexbrothers)
Nov 20 Star Spangled Sidekicks/The Justice Friends: TV Super Pals/Game Over (Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network)
Nov 27 Babysitter Blues/The Justice Friends: Valhallen’s Room/Dream Machine (Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network)
Dec 4 Dollhouse Drama/The Justice Friends: Krunk’s Date/The Big Cheese (Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network)
Dec 11 Way of the Dee Dee/The Justice Friends: Say Uncle Sam/Tribe Called Girl (Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network)
Dec 18 Spacecase/The Justice Friends: Ratman/Dexter’s Debt (Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network)
Dec 25 Dexter’s Rival/The Justice Friends: Bee Where/Mandarker (Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network)

? Death and the Mother (Ruth Lingford)
? Owzat (Aardman)
Jan 7 Inflata Dee Dee/The Justice Friends: Can’t Nap/Monstory (Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network)
Nov 9 Stage Fright (Aardman)

? Al Dente (Aardman)
? Bunny (Blue Sky)
Jan 28 Dexter’s Lab: A Story (Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network)

? Minotaur & Little Nerkin (Aardman)

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